Vlad radchenko — Product Designer

About Me

I have been fascinated with design since my childhood. My father being an architect further enhanced my desire for visual art, teaching me how to draw both on paper and graphic computer programs.

I had planned to pursue architecture as my career of choice. Yet all that changed when I was introduced to digital design.

I started in the digital design field in 2014 and classified myself as a “web designer”. As I progressed in my knowledge of design and user thinking I eventually moved on from standard website creation, to more complex projects that involved more in depth thinking.

Visually designing complex interfaces with a purpose in mind made design all the more interesting for me and I became fascinated with user interface design. With more experience over time I gradually became known as a product designer.

Currently I work as a product designer in sunny California with 4+ years experience in designing digital projects.

Aside from designing on a daily basis I enjoy documenting the journey of my design process on social media outlets allowing others to take an in depth look into my thinking behind every design decision I make. It is also a great opportunity for me to meet new people and make new friends from all types of backgrounds.

Interested in having me work with you on your project? Send me an email describing your business and specific needs & goals and I’ll get back to you in less than 72 hours.

A designer or developer who has an interesting idea? Contact me and we just might collaborate together on a project.