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december 2016

Naval Attack

With Webflow as a website developer tool becoming more and more advanced I wanted to push it to it’s limit and really see what it could accomplish in late 2016.

I wanted to create a fairly simple but interactive game that would carry a maritime theme. The user should feel as if they were in a submarine overlooking the radar of incoming objects.

Displaying a background of the ocean, and using both icons and text that infer of a radar allows the game to come to life for the user. Using interactions, I made the torpedoes come at a fast pace towards the submarine the user is obligated to protect. The user is able to protect their submarine by clicking on the torpedoes in time to keep them from striking the vessel. If the user does not click the torpedo in time the hit will be clearly demonstrated to the user with a flashing red “HIT” indicator. The goal is to keep the submarine safe from any torpedo hits.

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