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february 2017

Rarquel Wallpapers

Seeing a trend in motivational quotes and minimalism I saw the opportunity to both blend minimalistic photos with motivational quotes that can be used as wallpapers.

A website would need to be created to hold the variety of motivational wallpapers where a user can visually see the the wallpaper and easily be able to pick and download the content to their phone.

With the variety of colors and images used representing different emotions to the user I wanted to keep the website a neutral color which would allow for the wallpapers to emulate their specific story without the interference of the website UI. To do this I chose the most basic of color palettes, black and white. There is a simple instruction directed towards the user how to download the wallpapers in the hero section, after that there is a long list going both vertically and horizontally featuring the different wallpapers available for download.

visit the live website